Day Six: An Episode That Made Me Cry In Season One

(1x22 Journey To Regionals)

This episode makes me weep, both happily and sadly, every single time I watch it to this day. The sorrow of the club when they are at Mr. Shuester’s house, talking about how they know they don’t have a chance at regionals. When Tina starts crying, I lose it. :O Then, the amount of joy the New Directions have when they are on stage at Regionals! Singing Journey’s songs, they look like they are having the time of their lives, which partically makes me weep with happiness. And then I go back to sobbing all upset when they lose Regionals, every single one of them looks so devastated. And then when they are in the choir room for what they think will be the last time, and Mr. Shuester tells them they have another year, when they leap up in happiness, more happy sobbing! This is the episode that is the most emotionally straining in both seasons!

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